Revised Camera Club Training Programme - Starting Tuesday 24th February 2015.

Morpeth Camera Club - Revised list of Proposed Training Sessions from 24th February 2015 Onwards.
Training sessions will normally be held on Tuesday evenings between 6.30 and 7.15pm prior to club meetings.

24/2/2015 - Converting to Monochrome.

What makes a good monochrome image. Effects such as high and low key. Different methods of producing monochrome
images in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements, using pre-sets and/ or manual adjustments of different colour channels,
Including use of NIK Silver effects.
Mark Harrison and Glyn Trueman

03/03/2015 - Camera Skills 3.

Shooting against the light and in difficult lighting conditions.
Camera settings for photographing different subjects e.g. airplanes in flight, wildlife, birds in flight, waterfalls etc,
The moon, Night-time photography, fireworks etc.
Composing the picture – rule of thirds, using leading lines- looking carefully in viewfinder/ live view display.
Choosing the right angle/ position to take the photo. Glyn Trueman

17/03/2015 - Sharpening and Noise Reduction.

Different methods that can be used e.g. unsharp mask, high pass filter etc., and how to use them.
Methods of reducing noise.

07/04/2015 - Plugins and other Software.

Use of plugins and other software that can be used with Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and Lightroom –
e.g. Nik Effects, Topaz, OnOne Effects. Mark Harrison

14/04/2015 - Producing Images for Competitions.

Monochrome or colour, printed or projected. Colour profile matching for screen and prints. Type of paper for prints
(glossy/matt etc). Commercial vs own printing. Preparing photos for exhibition/ competition, including adding borders,
Adding titles. Dave Illingworth

21/04/2015 - Actions and Batch Processing.

Recording actions in Photoshop and use of pre-recorded actions in Elements to save time in creating specific effects.