Summer Walk No 11 - Ladyburn Lake, Druridge Bay Country Park, Tuesday 13th August 2013.

After two recent visits to the Northumberland Countryside it was back to the coast on Tuesday 13th August 2013 as members
of Morpeth Camera Club met at the Druridge Bay Country Park, Red Row, for walk number eleven on the summer programme.
With three miles of beach to the east, the park is centred around a 100 acre freshwater lake that is surrounded by meadows
and woodland. Originally the result of " surface " or " opencast mining ", Ladyburn Lake is man made & over the last thirty
years the surrounding area has been restored, planted & landscaped. It has now matured to become a centre for walkers,
outdoor events and watersport activities.
Leaving the visitor centre at the east end of the lake, club members made their way down to the lakeshore footpath to walk
in an anti clockwise direction. Enjoying another fine evening that was ideal for photography, the reeds and Rosebay Willow
Herb close to the waters edge were the first subjects that came to notice. Cloud formations in the blue and white sky also
drew attention as they were clearly reflected in the calm water.
Ladyburn Lake is named after the "Lady Burn" that feeds the lake from the west, small plantations, trees and fields around
the lake provide a home for wildflowers, insects and other wildlife. The lake attracts many seabirds and wildfowl, with a
resident swan and duck population. Visiting geese, gulls, terns, and the opportunity to see the occasional rare bird, bring photographers and birdwatches to the site.
The group continued around the lake, looking for " that image ", the solid footpaths & tracks making it easy to explore with numerous seats & viewing points. At the west end of the lake, large stepping stones became a source of amusement, with
some members running the gauntlet of stone throwing and splashes whilst attempting to cross the lady burn. Moving on to
the south shore we walked to a grassed area where geese, swans and two large Muscovy ducks came for food as we had a
short break and played name that duck.
As we completed the circular walk and returned to our starting point, the evening sky changed colour rewarding us with
a beautiful display as the setting sun and clouds were reflected in the still waters of the lake.
                                                                                                                                             Davy Bolam.