Summer Walk No 6 - Alnmouth, Tuesday 9th July 2013.

Tuesday 9th July was a perfect evening for a stroll along the sands as seventeen members and a dog attended Walk
Number Six on the Camera Club Summer Walks Programme. Meeting on Riverside Road in Alnmouth, we enjoyed the
evening sunshine as we walked to the river mouth and were rewarded with a visit of the RNLI inshore lifeboat the
" Mildred Holcroft ". On a training exercise to practice changing a propeller at sea, the crew disclosed that the boat
had also been fitted with a new engine that day so they had decided to do the first training session on the shore.
This proved to be a wise decision as a spring washer slipped through wet hands into the water. However, undeterred
the crew retrieved the item and completed the exercise before returning to their base at Amble Lifeboat Station.
As the group spread out to allow members to take their own photographs, some headed to the sand dunes for grass,
flowers and textures, whilst others stayed on the beach at the river mouth. Another group walked north and followed
a path across the golf course and into the top of the village. This was quite interesting with images taken of the lakes
and the trees. Continuing down to the road bridge over the river, views to the west showed that a good sunset was
imminent so a slow stroll through the kiddies playground and south back to the estuary was the route taken. The
numerous moored boats were very photogenic with evening light on the wet sand. As the sun set we reflected on
another good evening of around three hours photography. I feel sorry for those members who missed it.
                                                                                                                                               Dave Illingworth.