Summer Walk No 1 - Blyth Battery at War, Blyth, Sunday 19th May 2013.

On Sunday the 19th May 2013, the Morpeth Camera Club Summer Walks & Visits Programme started at the popular
" Blyth Battery at War " event at South Beach, Blyth. Blyth Battery is a coastal defence artillery battery, built in 1916
to defend the port of Blyth and it's submarine base during World War I, and was upgraded for re-use during World War II.
It is the perfect location for this re-enactment weekend with displays of weapons and military equipment, complimented by
1940's music and memorabilia. With enthusiasts wearing authentic uniforms it was possible to see many different British,
American, German and Soviet forces, as well as Home Guard, Civil Defence & Auxiliary Fire Service personnel.
The knowledge of those involved as they talked about tents, guns, food, etc and the skills they showed as they demonstrated
Gas Mask Drill, Bayonet Practice & Mine Clearance was much appreciated. Military vehicles, a working American WW2 Chaffee
Tank and a simulated D day attack on a German defensive position firing blank ammunition, smoke & explosions, all ensured
there were plenty of photographic opportunities for members.Thank you to those who attended and in the words of the George Formby impersonator, who entertained visitors all weekend, " Turned Out Nice Again ".
                                                                                                                              Davy Bolam.