Summer Walk Report No 10, Fontburn Reservoir - Tuesday 29th July 2014.


The Tenth visit on the Camera Club Summer Programme took place on Tuesday 29th July 2014, as members met
at the north shore car park for a walk around Fontburn Reservoir.
Situated fourteen miles north west of Morpeth this reservoir was built in 1898 by the Tynemouth Water Company
to supply fresh drinking water to south east Northumberland. Holding Seven hundred & Thirty million gallons, with
a maximum depth of Eighty feet it covers Eighty Seven acres with a Three mile shoreline. Now owned & managed
by Northumbria Water, the reservoir is regularly stocked with rainbow and blue trout making it a very popular
venue for fresh water anglers.
Leaving the car park we walked south over the huge dam wall that crosses the Fontburn Valley. Looking east the
evening light illuminated the disused stone viaduct on the North British Railway Company Scots Gap to Rothbury
line that closed in 1963. We then stopped to photograph the Victorian water control tower, bridge and sink hole
before leaving the road and joining the waterside footpath.
This path led us along the south side of the water and the mixed woodland was a source of birds, flowers, trees
and fungi as members disappeared into the undergrowth with tripods, looking for images.
Continuing west on the waterside trail the group had a short break at a convenient seat overlooking the water,
a break in the trees allowing fine views to the north as the light breeze rippled the surface of the water.
This was a gentle, slow paced walk and a good change of environment after recent club visits to the town and
coast. Stopping at the nature reserve at the west end of the lake we went down onto the now exposed shore
following the recent drop in water levels. The evening sun again broke through the passing cloud and this then
spurred some into trying close up work, recording the colours, textures and pattens in the natural surroundings.


The return journey saw dappled sunlight on the raised wooden walkways and the light transformed areas that
had looked a little dull and flat earlier. Billowing cloud formations were another feature of the night as pink and
orange hues tinted the sky as we returned to the car park. Fontburn can be a difficult place to photograph but
our luck with the weather continued making the effort worthwhile and after a two hour wander we adjourned to
the Dyke Neuk for some well earned refreshment.
Thank you to those who attended.
                                                  Davy Bolam.