Summer Walk Report No 14, Amble - Tuesday 26th August 2014.

The penultimate walk on the Morpeth Camera Club summer programme took place on Tuesday 26th August
2014 as fourteen members met in the Braid and Marina car park at Amble. The aim of the evening was to
complete the short walk to Amble Harbour and enjoy a fish and ship supper before our return.
Leaving the car park we made our way down to the River Coquet and once again we were lucky with the
weather on another fine and dry evening. With uninterrupted views west to Warkworth and east towards
the mouth of the river, this is a very good location for photography as the evening sunlight lit up the many
small boats moored in the estuary. Colourful reflections were then complimented by a group of canoeists &
kayakers paddling close to shore.

As we followed the public footpath through Amble Boat Club and the Coquet Yacht club members looked for
shape and textures in the vessels in storage and under restoration. Moving on around the marina our route
took us away from the river towards Amble and out into Coquet Street. Crossing into Town Square we then
viewed the stone clock tower that was erected as a memorial to those who fell in World Wars. This square
also houses a small amphitheatre, a historic trail designed by local school children that depicts scenes from
Amble’s history and an unusual sundial set in a bed of pebbles. One of the largest public sundials in europe
it is claimed to be accurate to within fifteen seconds.
Walking onto the quayside area, a last few images were taken of the ports fishing fleet and RNLI lifeboat as
the light faded. This was the signal to head to the local shop for our eagerly awaited supper and fresh fish
& chips were then enjoyed by all as we sat around the inner harbour. Retracing our steps a gentle walk back
to our starting point ended a pleasant walk. Stopping at the Widdrington inn on the journey back to Morpeth,
members discussed the evenings events and looked forward to the start of the new season on Tuesday 9th
September 2014.
                         Davy Bolam.