Summer Walk Report No 4, Newcastle Hoppings - Tuesday 24th June 2014.

Morpeth Camera Club's Summer Programme of walks and visits continued on Tuesday 24th June 2014 when we
visited the Town Moor on the outskirts of Newcastle for " The Hopping's ".
Missing last year following a disagreement between the Showmen's Guild and Newcastle City Council, europe's
largest travelling funfair had returned for the 132nd time. Bigger and better with over 300 attractions, all the
old favourites and several new rides were there, together with the smaller stalls and fast food kiosks.
Club members met at the south entrance and walked around the moor in brilliant sunshine, the summer clothing
& dry conditions underfoot in stark contrast to previous visits where rain and mud had prevailed.
The fine weather had brought out the crowds, the rides and stalls were busy, the show people were happy, and
everyone contributed to the good atmosphere of the event.
Club members cameras were also busy with hundreds of images being taken, from people enjoying the spectacle
to the vibrant colours and sometimes ornate details in the rides themselves. Some members explored themes,
others looking for that different angle or image that they hoped no one else had seen.
This was the perfect setting to practice photography and to really learn what your camera can do.
Several hours passed very quickly as members used tripods, different lenses, slow shutter speeds and filters
to capture and enhance both movement and light.
This was a good, different and enjoyable evening thanks to those members who joined in and had a go.
                                                                                                                                         Davy Bolam.