7 Way Pdi Knockout Competition at Cambois - Sunday 19th November 2017.

                                Knockout Trophy                                         Runners Up Plate
                              1st Morpeth - 185 Marks.                            1st Cambois - 183 Marks.
                              2nd Ashington - 181 Marks.                             2nd Amble - 172 Marks.
                              3rd Alnwick - 176 Marks.                                 3rd Blyth - 169 Marks.

On Sunday 19th November 2017 it was the turn of Cambois Camera Club to hold the N.C.P.F.  7 Way Interclub PDI
Knockout Competition. The seven clubs that make up the Northern Area are invited to take part in this annual event
and this year Alnwick, Amble, Ashington, Blyth, Cambois and Morpeth accepted the challenge with Wooler declining.

Each club submits twenty digital images on any subject, fifteen to be shown at any one time, with five substitutes
held in reserve that competition secretaries may use at their discretion to replace any low scoring images as their
club progresses through each round. These images are viewed and scored live by a panel of three judges who each
give a mark out of five using an automatic scoring machine which then gives an immediate total for each projected
image. This year Alan McCormick ARPS from Hexham CC, Alan Porrett ARPS DPAGB EFIAP APAGB from Whitley Bay
CC & Joseph Duffy LRPS CPAGB APAGB of Whickham CC, were the federation judges tasked with marking the images.

In the first round of the Trophy Competition all six clubs competed against each other with the three highest scoring
clubs Alnwick (183 marks), Ashington (179 marks), and Morpeth (177 marks), taking the first three places and going
forward to compete in the Trophy semi final .

The three lowest scoring clubs Cambois (175 marks), Amble (171 marks) and Blyth (167 marks) dropped out to take
part in the runners up Plate Competition. This soon followed and in a close contest the Plate went to Cambois (183
marks), with Amble (172 marks) and Blyth (169 marks)close behind.

In a the semi-final of the Trophy Competition several substitutions were made by each club in an effort to enhance
their entry with Morpeth (182 marks) and Ashington (179 marks) being successful and going through to compete in
the Trophy Final, leaving Alnwick (176 marks) to take Third Place.

The final of the Trophy Competition was again very competitive with both clubs submitting images of a high standard
as Morpeth (185 marks) came out on top, with Ashington (181 marks) runners up. Morpeth Camera Club competition
sec Davy Bolam was then presented with the silver salver Knockout Trophy that he accepted on behalf of the club.

David Whitaker of Cambois Camera Club thanked the judges, everyone who had taken part and all those who had
attended before a raffle and finger buffet concluded the afternoon.

So 1st Place to Morpeth and a thank you to Morpeth members George Sudlow, Sue Dawson, Davy Bolam, Roseanne
Robinson, Steve McDonald, Mark Harrison, Glyn Trueman & Pat Wood whose images made up our winning entry.
Two of Morpeth's images scored the maximum 15 marks, Two Wits by Sue Dawson and Breakfast by George Sudlow.